Fort Point District, Boston

With an explosion of activity in the last few years, the Fort Point neighborhood is undergoing a major transforming. With everything chic residential industrial apartments and startup work spaces to high-end restaurants and shops, everyone is taking notice of the area between the Financial District across the bridges from South Boston’s’ Seaport. The ideal location near downtown and the harbor make for a great investment site to expand and transform even further in the future.

Fort Point District History

Logically so, the Fort Point district was named after a fort that used to be on the land to guard the harbor. The land was not always flat – a hill that jutted out over the water gave the fort a lookout for invaders and for firing cannons. This was later flattened for industrial buildings. Once the was over and the revolution was won, Boston business owners and architects had other plans for this part of the city. By the late 1800s, huge projects were underway to widen streets, level the hill and make the neighborhood suitable for commercial and residential pursuits.

Currently there is a little debate to where the actual boundaries are. Some people claim the district is in South Boston, while others thing it more overlaps with the Financial District and the Seaport area. In 2009, Fort Point was named an official Landmark District by the Boston City Council.

Fort Point District Highlights

Walking along the historic Fort Point Channel can be a good introduction to the lay of land. This man-made waterway is where several cafes, industrial companies and the Boston Children’s Museum is located. Keep an eye out for public art displays often featured floating in the water, which continues onto the streets in the center of the neighborhood. Catch a glimpse of more art as well in Fort Point galleries, many of which are open free to the public to show off the thriving artistic community.

Afterwards, indulge in some of the high-end dining options that often procure some of the fresh ingredients in town. For instance, the Blue Dragon gastropub is known for its Asian-fusion style, Row 34 for local seafood and Sportello for classic Italian. As the population grows, new restaurants for counter service, cocktails or sit down dinners pop up on the regular. There are some opportunities for spa treatments and shopping as well, especially curated boutiques, handmade housewares and fresh floral arrangements.

Fort Point District Annual Events

As there is not a lot of communal space in Fort Point, this neighborhood does not have the capacity to host large gatherings like downtown or Kenmore. However, its strong group of businesses and locals do offer great events to get a real feel for the flavor and atmosphere of Fort Point. Twice a year, artists in the area let the public come visit their studios for an insider look at their talented process, called Spring Open Studios, in May. June brings restaurants time to shine with the Annual Taste of Fort Point, now celebrating its 10th year. Around the holidays there are similar events where restaurants, bars and businesses ban together to present unique and free treats for the Fort Point Holiday Stroll.