Boston Historic Sites

The city of Boston’s role in the American Revolution was undoubtedly one of the most imperative to the successful fight against the British. What was once a city of colonial architecture and cobblestone paths can sometimes become overshadowed by enormous skyscrapers that shine bright in the night, but beneath those dazzling lights lays a rich history that was once lit by the lanterns of the main players involved in the American Revolution.

Spend a day sunning in the oldest park in the nation, Boston Common, where you can enjoy a picnic and people watching before hopping on a famous Swan Boat ride, which are a piece of Boston history in themselves.

Close to the park, you can stroll the streets of Beacon Hill, known for its historically relevant ambience. As you walk along the cobblestone paths you’ll come across the immediately recognizable State House, which is topped with a gilded dome. The area is also filled with casual eateries and boutique style stores that allow you to step in and out of the historical mindset.

With one foot in the past, and one in the present, a day spent at Faneuil Hall can be fun for the entire family. You can step into the shoes of the American Revolutionists, and then shop until you drop in the newer sections that host abundant boutiques and eateries. Then, walk along the cobblestones to grab a beer and meal where everybody knows your name, at the iconic Cheers restaurant, that was featured on the old favorite television classic.

To really immerse yourself into the rich history of Boston, walk along the waterfront towards the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum, where you can hang out with actors portraying the historical greats that led the nation to freedom from British governance, and then defiantly throw boxes of tea into the Boston Harbor, like a real rebel. Afterwards, host your own tea party at the onsite Abigail’s Tea Room.

Boston’s most famous characters from history are brought to life daily, through actors portraying the past, the preservation of their historical homes and venues that housed their hard work, and through people who simply want to learn about their lives, and how they changed the course of history. Get a fresh outlook on the past by visiting the historical sites that made Boston the great city it is today.