Boston Tourist Attractions

Boston may not have the roller coasters or waterslides some other destinations claim, but the varied tourist attractions found in this big city will tickle your senses in a different way. Excitement runs rampant through the streets of Boston, and that same spirit can be found intertwined in the magical settings that each Boston tourist attraction resides in. No matter the season, no matter your interests, you can find a ton of ways to spend an awesome day at some of Boston’s most prized gems.

For a big city, Boston sure is home to a lot of animals! You may recognize the squirrels that dance along the streets as you wander through the various eclectic neighborhoods and impeccably kept parks, but a day spent at the Franklin Zoo Park can transport you to Africa’s Serengeti or a tropical rainforest, as you get a chance to mingle with some of the wildest, fiercest and even some endangered animals.

After spending some quality time with land animals, you may feel the need to get your mermaid on. The New England Aquarium is just a hop, skip and a T-ride away from almost any place in Boston. There, you can watch as different species of penguins waddle, swim and slurp down fish before ordering your own feast for dinner at one of the countless seafood restaurants located in the Seaport district.

But, Boston isn’t all claws, fins and wings. Pack a picnic and enjoy the serenity of the reflecting pool at the Christian Science Center Plaza, and then head next door to the Mary Baker Eddy Library, home of the one-of-a-kind Mapparium. Spend a few minutes basking in fact that you’re the center of the world, and then walk a few blocks to the Prudential Center, home of the Skywalk Observatory, one of the best views in Boston.

A day in Boston is what you make of it. Fun and excitement exist around every turn, which makes walking from location to location part of the activity, rather than a chore in-between attractions. Don’t worry, there are plenty of hotels near every attraction that will allow you to rest after a long day of adventure.