Old State House

Boston is one of the nation’s most historic cities, and the Old State House makes a show of that rich heritage. The Old State House even bears the honor of being the most historic building in Boston, with over 300 years of revolutionary feats and political advances made within its walls. Inside, you can explore the Old State House’s large collection of artifacts from the Revolutionary era, take a guided tour, step into the shoes of game changers of times past, and kids will enjoy a scavenger hunt!

Why You’ll Love the Old State House

Inside the museum at the Old State House you’ll come across some of the nation’s most prized historical artifacts. Those events you read about in history class? They’ll come to life right before your eyes. Of course, the Old State House in itself is a National Historic Landmark that has been preserved since the Revolution.

You can explore the vintage quarters on your own, or take a guided tour and learn all about the events that took place within the walls of the Old State House. Guided tours are free, and start on the hour. Each day, the Old State House offers one unique tour that delves deep into niche topics, such as 18th Century Food and Drink and The Loyalists. One of the highlighted tours available at the Old State House is the Boston Massacre Tour, which allows you to immerse yourself into that fateful night and explore the scene of the crime.

If you’re more of a lone explorer, participate in the Revolutionary Characters program! Choose from a medley of real people, including some of the times most influential people, like John or Abigail Adams, along with regular folks who walked the streets of Boston during the Revolutionary War. Search the Old State House for artifacts and information about your chosen character’s life.

What Makes the Old State House Special?

Oftentimes, kids can get bored when visiting historical museums. That’s not the case with the Old State House. Many of the exhibits are interactive, and children can participate in a scavenger hunt. Learning about history can be fun!

What Else Is in the Neighborhood?

Take a short walk to Faneuil Hall, where you can grab a brew and something to eat at Cheers, then do some shopping and be entertained along the cobblestone streets. Just next door to Faneuil Hall you’ll find the Holocaust Memorial Park, row of six glass towers that have been etched with the names of those who suffered through the Holocaust. After a long day of sightseeing, stay at the waterfront Harborside Inn, or reserve a suite at Marriott’s Custom House.

Who’ll Have the Most Fun at the Old State House?

If history was your favorite subject in school, don’t pass up a shot to stand in the same spot as some of the most influential people of the nation’s past. But, you don’t have to be a history buff to appreciate the significance of what you see when you tour the Old State House. Adults and children alike will find themselves immersed in the nation’s rich history, and you’ll leave with a deeper understanding of Boston heritage.