Financial District

Lots of activity and lots of hugely successful businesses in skyscrapers are things that make up the DNA of the Financial District in Boston. It’s location between many tourist attractions, the harbor front and Chinatown help draw in tourists and locals alike. This are is the most city-like and modern, with towering high-rises and people in suits running about on the busy streets. But beyond that, the neighborhood has some wonderful places to eat, be entertained and explored despite the lack of residents.

Financial District History

Without an official definition of its boundaries, the Financial District’s history is also a bit fuzzy. It shares borders with the old shipping area of the Waterfront and trading hub/revolutionary meeting spot of Faneuil Hall and Quincy marketplace. In the 1800s, Post Office Square used to hold the old court house and the John W. McMormack Post Office. Nearby is a building called the Custom House Tower, built in the 1800s as well. A 500-foor tower was added later in the 1910s, which then was converted into a hotel in recent history. It is still Boston’s tallest standing building from the 17th century.’

Currently, the Financial District is home to many big name institutions, national headquarters and businesses, including State Street Bank, Eastern Bank and Fidelity Investments. There’s also many law firms and brokerages. South Station that is part of the MBTA is located near Dewey Square, which also has several Amtrak routes out of the city.

Financial District Highlights

There are a few notable landmarks as well in and around the district. For instance, while not running directly through the area, parts of the famous freedom Trail runs along the edge and can easily be reached for a historical stroll. There’s a revolving mural to admire off of Dewey Square, and a relaxing green space at the Norman B. Leventhal Park, which offers visitors books to read and a café. Many people will stay in the Financial District, as there are several luxury hotels situated among (and inside) the business buildings.

There are plenty of classy restaurants and bars to indulge around the Financial District, but there’s also a few classic mainstays leftover from the good old days. To discover the true Boston nightlife atmosphere that loves a rowdy dive bar, travelers can check out places like Biddy Early and The Littlest Bar, which has live Irish music on Sundays.

Financial District Annual Events

The Financial District is always buzzing year-round due to the busy nature of this fast-paced and ever evolving neighborhood. As residential numbers are fairly low, there is not a ton of annual events. However, food is a popular pastime for hungry lunch-goers and foodies alike in the area, so some events will revolve around that. For instance, every spring, summer and fall there is a small farmer’s market held in Dewy Square featuring local vendors with fresh produce. Intermittently there are tons of food trucks that park in the square that offer unique and fresh options seasonally.