Old North Church

The Old North Church is arguably one of the most sought out historical sites in the city of Boston. It was founded in 1722, and is the oldest standing church in the area. But, far more interesting is its historical significance. The Old North Church played an important role in the American Revolution. It is there, in the towering steeple, that Paul Revere gave his signal; one if by land, two if by sea. As soon as the British placed their boats in the water the colonists were ready to fight for their freedom.

Why You’ll Love the Old North Church

Step into the Old North Church and you’ll find pews, like most churches, except some of Boston’s first citizens worshipped while sitting on them. The bells atop the church are the oldest set on the entire North American continent.

The inside of the Old North Church is a spectacular example of architecture from the time period, but there is much more to see on the church’s campus.

The Printing Office of Edes & Gill is home to the only 18th century printing press in Boston. Watch a demonstration of how the press works, and learn about its history from the master printer onsite.

You don’t want to miss Captain Jackson’s Chocolate Shop. This seasonal shop allows you to pick out treats and learn how the colonials made chocolate through a demonstration.

After you pick out your sweet reminiscent of the colonial times, turn your phone off and sit in one of the two formal gardens while you enjoy both the view and your newly acquired dessert.

The Old North Church is a stop along the Freedom Trail.

What Makes the Old North Church Special?

In an age of uprising, the Old North Church was an indispensable tool for the Patriots. Paul Revere’s ingenious plan gave the movement warning of attack. You can see that steeple, imagine what it was like, and feel the energy of freedom running through your body when you visit this historical site.

What Else Is in the Neighborhood?

The Old North Church is located in the North End sector of Boston. This area is known for its abundance of delectable eateries. Italian cafés, American grills, bakeries and other ethnic bistros take center stage on each street. A few blocks away, you’ll find The Corner Café. The cozy restaurant features home cooked comfort food, like chicken fried steak, a variety of deli sandwiches, burgers and seafood. For a traditional Italian meal, head to the quaint Trattoria Di Monica. The dining room has a clean and inviting atmosphere, but it is small. It may not be the best choice for parties with small children.

Walk a few blocks towards the wharf and you can catch your own dinner on a Boston Lobster Tour. You’ll hop aboard a small boat for a ride on Boston Harbor, plus get a chance to touch lobsters, sea urchins and starfish.

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Who’ll Have the Most Fun at the Old North Church?

There’s something for everyone at the Old North Church. Many children learn about Paul Revere’s connection to the Old North Church in school, so they will find the site captivating. Also, it doesn’t hurt that there’s a chocolate shop onsite!