10 Celebs You Might See on Your Tour of Boston

Boston’s not necessarily known for being a mecca for Hollywood starlets, but many of the hottest celebrities are proud “Massholes” at heart. Everyone from sports stars to A-list actors stake their claim on Boston, and they continue to visit their family, friends and old stomping grounds often. They’re a little harder to spot on the … Read more

Fenway Park’s Top 4 Plays in History

The fans at Fenway Park sure have had their ups and downs over the years, but these loyal devotees have stuck by the Red Sox’s side for each and every emotional moment. They’ve cheered, they’ve cried, and these are the plays that caused the most exuberant reactions throughout the history of the park since its … Read more

4 Buildings that Keep the History Alive in Boston

It’s impossible to walk the streets of Boston without feeling the sweet sense of nostalgia. Cobblestone paths mark the way through numerous villages, statues depicting some of the nation’s most influential patriots adorn parks, and architecture from colonial times rises from the concrete. In fact, you can still visit some of the places that housed … Read more