The Paul Revere House

Before that fateful night when Paul Revere hopped on his buddy’s horse and warned the townspeople, including Samuel Adams and John Hancock, that the British were coming, he was just a normal guy. He worked as a silversmith, and spent his nights living his two wives (at separate times, of course) and many children, in the house that is now one of the oldest in Boston’s downtown. The home has been restored, and many of the original features maintained. You can step right into Boston’s seventeenth century when you visit.

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Why You’ll Love the Paul Revere House

It would be interesting to see how any seventeenth century citizen lived, but the ability to tour the legendary Paul Revere’s home makes this historical site worth visiting. A docent is available to answer your questions as you through the small home, which contains some of the Revere family’s possessions, including some of Paul Revere’s silver creations. There is signage placed throughout the home that provides insight into the time period.

The short tour through the home wouldn’t be complete without a glimpse into the courtyard area. Step outside to view the 900 pound bell made by Paul Revere.

The Paul Revere House is a stop along the Freedom Trail.

What Makes the Paul Revere House Special?

Paul Revere was just an ordinary citizen during his lifetime. His former home conveys what the average person would have lived like during the time period. This interesting look into the life of someone who is famous in death creates a spark of motivation. Anyone can create history, and Paul Revere is an example of that.

What Else Is in the Neighborhood?

You’re in the North End, so you might as well take advantage of the delicious Italian food that surrounds you! Mamma Maria is a block away, and foodies will love the traditional Italian menu and extensive wine list. Nearby, you’ll also find the North Street Grille, which features American food, like baby back ribs, a variety of burgers and salads. If you’re looking for a place to stay, the Battery Wharf Hotel is within walking distance, and offers stunning views of the waterfront. Some guest rooms overlook the U.S. Coast Guard Base, which is exciting for children!

Who’ll Have the Most Fun at the Paul Revere House?

Young children may find the Paul Revere House boring, but the short amount of time it takes to thoroughly explore the small home makes it tolerable for even the most rambunctious bunch. The promise of an authentic North End pizza post-visit is enough to keep moods in check.

History buffs will revel in the authentic nature of the home. The cobblestone street that leads you right to the front door of the Revere home is almost like a time machine. Once you step inside, you can’t help but feel like you’ve somehow stepped into the pages your old history textbook.

It should be noted that the Paul Revere Home is handicapped accessible on the first floor, but stairs prevent those with wheelchairs or mobility issues from reaching the second floor. The docent can provide a picture book detailing all the upstairs rooms to those unable to make the climb.