Boston Museums

Boston is a big city made up of quaint and quirky neighborhoods, each one with its own flair. Like Beacon Hill, the oldest historic district in Massachusetts, is one of the prettiest places to take a stroll, while right next door you can do some of the best shopping of your life on the Back Bay’s Newbury Street. Just like each neighborhood has something unique to offer, every museum in Boston provides a different experience, which helps make the city’s museum scene an eclectic mix worthy of a trip in itself.

Whether you’re on a family vacation, or simply just trying relive, there are plenty of museums that can bring out a sense of wonder and joy. The Museum of Science is a great place for people of all ages to discover the oddities of the world, and the Boston Children’s Museum has enough adventures held within to keep young children engaged for countless hours.

It’s no secret that Boston is an education hub. There are 53 institutions throughout the city, and the well-respected Harvard is one of them. You don’t have to be a student to enjoy the perks associated with the beautiful campus. A day spent amongst the fossilized giants and glass flowers at the Harvard Museum of Natural History will give you answers to some of the most pressing questions Harvard researchers have studied about the natural world of animals, plants and the earth we share. Harvard also has a plethora of other options when it comes to museums, and they’re not alone. Many campuses have public showings, like the Boston College McMullen Museum.

Within the hustle and bustle of big city Boston you can find tranquility hiding in the most unassuming of places. Sure, you can spend the day people watching over a picnic blanket in Boston Commons, but you could also mosey through the lusciously green path known as the Monk’s Garden at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, before immersing yourself in what was once one of the most impressive personal art collections of all time.

One of the greatest perks of touring museums in the city of Boston is the easy access. Many museums are clustered close to one another in the same neighborhood, and the ones that aren’t offer easy transportation with subway (locally known as “the T”) stops close by. Take, for example, the Museum of Fine Arts. After perusing the decadent hallways, you can take a short two block walk and arrive at the aforementioned Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

No matter your age or interest, Boston has at least one museum that will immerse you into the world of science, history or art. The variety of museums is also a great way to introduce yourself to new topics of interest. Get ready to explore!