Government Center/Downtown Hotels

If you are one of those travelers who loves to be as close to the action as possible, choosing to stay in Boston’s downtown area is perfect. Specifically, Government Center offers sleek design and a neighborhood that’s steps from the top city attractions. Although this part of the city is home to many prestigious centers of law, council, commerce and investments, there are also great accommodations to welcome both the business traveler and vacationer. Not to mention, places to stay there are only steps from hot downtown delights, including trendy restaurants, shopping meccas and entertainment options.

Couldn’t be any closer with Government Center

From the Government Center pavilion in Boston, you can overlook the bustling Faneuil Hall marketplace. This is arguably one of the most iconic landmarks people want to experience when they visit. When choosing a hotel in this area, it’s incredibly easy to reach the market and beyond with a short walk or taxi ride. This is ideal for travelers who love to sightsee and be in the heart of a destination. When it comes to business travelers, this is also an ideal spot. The city’s Financial District is also next door to Government Center, filled with high rises that hold top businesses. It’s a simple commute to and from both sections of Boston for those attending meetings, conferences and client dinners.

Government Center: Modern style

Being in a neighborhood that caters to both the business and leisure crowds makes for an exciting and forward-thinking atmosphere. Hotels downtown often embody the vibrant innovation that surround the accommodations. Sleek designs, modern amenities and hospitable service are all traits of hotels in and around Government Center. Many of the hotels also cater to entertainment and dining on-site, with locally sourced restaurants and event venues. Staff are able to point you in the right direction when it’s time to venture out, even to father flung areas of the city like Fenway and Harvard Square. Travelers will appreciate the offerings of the future while still being in the center of historic tradition, as the city is one of the country’s oldest hubs of revolution and political revolution.

Government Center: A unique calm

In recent years, Government center has been slowly undergoing a transformation. There are a fair amount of mod-looking structures from the 1970s that dominate much of the layout. However, the Government Center subway station is undergoing a giant transformation to make this part of Boston more accessible. The pavilion also hosts fun and friendly events year-round, from ice cream charity festivals to music concerts and sports demonstrations. This is an exciting place to be for any guest to Boston who loves urban landscapes.