Faneuil Hall Historic Site

Faneuil Hall has been serving as a marketplace for the people of Boston since 1742. Townspeople would head to Faneuil Hall to pick up provisions, like meat, fish and produce. The Patriots (not the football team) used it as a meeting place during the Revolution where they would discuss their freedom and plan their defense. Because of this, Faneuil Hall was lovingly dubbed the “Cradle of Liberty.”

Why You’ll Love Faneuil Hall

Like the olden days, Faneuil Hall is still home to purveyors of goods and services. It’s a popular shopping hub, and many eateries can be found under the ornate dome. After shopping in the same fashion of some of Boston’s earliest inhabitants, you can head upstairs.

On the upper floors, you’ll find out that Faneuil Hall wasn’t included on The Freedom Trail just for its shopping. Get up close and personal with the meeting room. The large congregation area is much like the one the Patriots would have used to come up with their plan of action. Throughout the hall you will find plaques detailing the events that took place and artwork featuring the main players in the movement.

What Makes Faneuil Hall Special?

Faneuil Hall has been an epicenter for political activity since the American Revolution. Inside, “tea meetings” took place between the main parties of the revolt against Britain. More recently, President Barack Obama gave a speech about the Affordable Care Act at the historic site. This long range of active history in a building is rare.

What Else Is in the Neighborhood?

Faneuil Hall Marketplace includes three large buildings, each a wealth of restaurants and boutiques that are worth exploring. Dick’s Last Resort is in the historic building, and can be a fun place to grab a bite to eat, as long as you have thick skin. The servers are known for their crass nature, and you should be ready for insults. Cheers, the bar where everybody knows your name, is a short walk along a cobblestone path.

Walk towards the water and you’ll find the New England Aquarium, where you can see an abundance of marine life. Be sure to check out their current IMAX film! If you want to get out on the harbor, check out their whale watch.

The Marriott Custom House is just a few blocks away, and offers luxurious accommodations with views of the city and harbor. The Harborside Inn is another nearby waterfront hotel. The boutique hotel offers a contemporary style, along with similar views to the Marriott Custom House.

Who’ll Have the Most Fun at Faneuil Hall?

Faneuil Hall’s location allows it to cater to all ages and tastes. The historical aspects will intrigue any history lover, and kids learning about the time period will enjoy the hands on experience. Those who are not into learning about the early history of the nation can easily be persuaded by a promise of shopping the extensive marketplace, and a meal at one of the many restaurants within walking distance.