Mary Baker Eddy was a woman ahead of her time. She dedicated her life to the women’s’ rights movement and changed the world with her book on religion and health. Her legacy lives on in the Mary Baker Eddy Library. Established in 2002, the Mary Baker Eddy Library is not where you’d go to find a trashy bestseller. Instead, the organization is home to permanent educational exhibits, and an abundance of research materials and tools.

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Why You’ll Love the Mapparium

You’ll feel like you’re on top of the world, or inside of it, when you tour the Mapparium. This exhibit is the shining star of the Mary Baker Eddy Library. The intricate glass globe was built in 1935, and its historical accuracy has been preserved through the decades. The map, created by a Christian Scientist architect, gives you a 360 degree view of what the world looked like back in 1935.

You’ll walk along a bridge that runs through the center of the globe, where you’ll be treated to a show filled with lights, music and ideas. After learning all about the historical nuances of the Mapparium you’ll have a chance to explore. See if you can spot the changes the world has made since the Mapparium’s inception. Play with the unique acoustic properties created by the shape and size of the giant glass globe. Inside, you can hear yourself in surround sound, or whisper with a friend from one side to the other and clearly hear what they say.

When you get to the Mary Baker Eddy Library, you’ll be welcomed into the Hall of Ideas. Here, a glass and bronze fountain sculpture oozes serenity. Touch the water that ripples, each pulse seeming to reveal a new set of words that deliver ideas of all sorts to the minds of all who visit.

In the Quest Gallery, you’ll get to see the process and reasoning behind Mary Baker Eddy’s lifework. Inspect documents, view the photographs and watch video features that document the life of Eddy herself.

What Makes the Mapparium Special?

You’ll want to share the experience with friends and family, but don’t share any secrets while in the Mapparium. The unique acoustic properties inside have the potential to deliver even the softest whispers throughout the entire room.

What Else Is in the Neighborhood?

Next door to the library is the Christian Science Plaza, where you can ruminate on life by the reflecting pool or take a tour of the stunning church. Cross the street and get your fill of sushi and Japanese cuisine at Sushiemon. If that’s not your thing, you can go for a short stroll and get a slice at Supreme Pizza. Make sure you save room for dessert! Cold Stone Creamery is right down the street! Spend the night at the nearby Oasis Guest House and Adams Bed & Breakfast, where you can get an affordable, comfortable and clean room that comes with free breakfast.

Who’ll Have the Most Fun at the Mapparium?

The Mapparium makes the Mary Baker Eddy Library a must see adventure for geography enthusiasts and history buffs, but even people who have no proclivity for the subjects will have an amazing time playing with the auditory magic inside the giant lit up globe that creates an other worldly experience for all who stand inside.