Quincy Hotels

Only twenty minutes outside Downton Boston on the subway, the city of Quincy is a destination in itself. A unique blend of local culture, historic significance and amazing outdoor space makes Quincy the perfect base to explore when enjoying Boston and beyond. Its large size makes for several options to stay as well for a unique perspective on other parts of coastal Massachusetts around Boston. Not to mention, famous people from colonial times made Quincy their homes, and relics from this pioneering time still stand today.

Quincy Hotels: East meets West

Quincy is home to Boston’s official sister Chinatown. This blended together with a strong Irish heritage makes a wonderfully diverse and vibrant community. Travelers can walk down the mains streets along Quincy Center or in North Quincy to enjoy a variety of authentic Asian cuisines, from Japanese hot pot to Korean pho and Chinese dishes. Alongside these tasty choices are some great spots for nightlife and exploration, including Irish pubs and high-end American modern restaurants. After a hearty meal or a cold pint, the waterfront is a beautiful area to see, especially along Wollaston Beach and into the trendy Marina Bay area. Some hotels have great water views and guests can even see the Boston skyline across the harbor.

Step back in time in Quincy Hotels

Although Boston is a great place to see historic landmarks, Quincy also has its fair share of attractions. Visitors can see some churches that are centuries old, as well as scenic cemeteries where several revolutionary personalities are buried. One of the biggest draws to this city is the birthplace of John Quincy Adams – a historic home that still stands today from the 1700s. The Quincy Historic Society is happy to guide you through the area’s best points of interest, which can including some accommodations that also boast a rich history.

Quincy Hotels: Well connected and cozy

When it comes to choosing accommodations in Quincy, there are several options for every kind of traveler. Some of the smaller B&Bs are located downtown or in Quincy Center, for easy access to restaurants, cafes and public transport into Boston. People traveling with larger groups or for business by car can consider some of the larger chains along the major highway that offer comfort and easy access to the main roadways throughout these neighboring cities. These properties also offer onsite restaurant and lounge bars for perfect meeting places and areas to relax. While some hotels are not within walking distance of the subway and public transport, there are endless taxis, car services and more within Quincy that will take you wherever you’d like to go. It’s easier to also stay and rent a vehicle while at Quincy hotels, as there tends to be more space than in downtown Boston for parking.