Harvard Square, Cambridge Hotels

Just bordering Boston, Cambridge is a hub of academic pursuits, natural beauty and relaxing activities that is sure to delight any visitor in Boston. This part of town boasts an incredible history dating back centuries. Students, intellects and professional creatives flock to Cambridge to grow in their careers with the plethora of opportunities available. Those who are here for travel can be immersed in the energy of the city by touring the elegant campuses, perusing book stores, dining at cozy restaurants and vibrant nightlife. Not to mention, downtown Boston is only a subway ride away when looking for a change in scenery. It’s the ideal balance between a little less action outside the main city hubbub and still finding plenty of culture right round the corner to indulge.

Historic accommodations in Harvard Square

There is a wide selection of hotels, B&Bs and short stay apartments throughout Cambridge that welcome all types of travelers. Some of the large, sophisticated hotels of downtown are not found in this neighborhood, but rather a choice of super cozy, wallet-friendly hotels are more the norm. Many of these have some reliable, recognizable names as well to help boost your loyalty points for accommodations and assure you of a quality stay.

Smaller boutiques also present an opportunity to enjoy Bostonian charm no matter what time of year you travel. Staffed with wonderfully helpful and friendly personnel, these places can be a home-away-from-home. Not to mention, rooms are often much more spacious than other major cities and stocked with all the latest amenities. It’s simple to find the perfect room stocked with flat screen TVs, plush bedding, lots of natural light and 24-hour room service, which is standard at many of these properties. Only a short walk will also bring guests to fantastic restaurants, attractions and shops to round out a lovely getaway. Taxis, rental cars and even rental bicycles are also plentiful if looking to venture outside of Cambridge and beyond.

Harvard Square: Cambridge heartbeat

While it’s great to stay almost anywhere in Cambridge, most agree the Harvard Square area reigns supreme. This is where co-eds come to relax, diners enjoy luscious meals and buskers are happy to show off their talents to passerby. Although there is often new development, some of the buildings around there date back to the 18th century. There is also a mix of traditional accommodations and brand new builds for several choices to enjoy by travelers. Due to the popularity of this neighborhood, especially around its annual events, booking early is advisable. Then guests won’t miss any of the excitement around happenings such as film festivals, holiday parades, nearby regattas and massive farmer’s markets.