East Cambridge/MIT Hotels

Enjoy a scenic stay right near the iconic Charles River while traveling to Boston. Some of the best views can be found in East Cambridge, home of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) campus, cultural pursuits and plenty of sightseeing opportunities. In turn, there is a plethora of accommodations along the river and beyond to suit a wide variety of tastes during a stay near Boston. It’s ideal for people who love urban outdoor spaces, as there’s lots to do along the riverfront when it comes to fitness and nautical activities. There’s also great dining options, events, touring attractions and much more at your doorstep – plus easy access to all of Boston’s iconic landmarks as well.

History and intellect at East Cambridge Hotels

Since the 1800s, people of all creeds have been flocking to East Cambridge to get a superior education at one of the most impressive academic institutions in the world. What grew from this was a thriving hub of residents that come to live and travel there from all over the world. From the 1990s and beyond, this primarily commercial neighborhood has blossomed into a residential haven that also welcomes travelers to indulge in pretty urban views. This translates into some incredibly diverse architectural design, culinary options and cultural events as well that are offered throughout the neighborhood. When travelers choose a stay in east Cambridge, whether it be for college visits, leisure or business, they will find a centrally located oasis of fun things to do and see. From checking out a movie and shopping at the massive Galleria mall to renting a boat for a kayak tour along the river, the possibilities are endless for a memorable experience in the area.

Stay smart feel smart at East Cambridge/MIT Hotels

In East Cambridge, there are several options for ideal accommodations that are well located near Boston and are offered at an affordable price. Many college students and their families utilize these rooms when visiting, so they can be cozy yet more wallet-friendly than some of the flashier hotels downtown. But this does not mean they are lacking in style or features. Staff are happy to recommend perfect night’s out and day’s exploring to all their guests, no matter what your interests may be. Most hotels are large to accommodate many guests, so finding the deal room situation for you and your traveling group will rarely be an issue in East Cambridge. The height and size of the properties allow for great views of the city, overlooking the nearby skyline of high rise buildings and the serene Charles River. A few of the hotels are located right on the subway line a well, so guests can hop on the “Green Line” to reach other fantastic points of interest in Cambridge, Boston and beyond.