Downtown Crossing Hotels

As a shopper’s delight, staying in Boston’s Downtown Crossing neighborhood can be the ideal option for consumer travelers. This was the original hub of the city, where many traders and retail masters would sell their wares over the centuries. Nowadays, there is still a strong presence of shops and larger department stores, alongside other fun things to see and do. Not only is Downtown Crossing and exciting place to stay, it’s also well located near other prominent Boston neighborhoods to round out the trip. Be immersed in history and experience some of the best assets Boston has to offer when choosing a hotel in Downtown Crossing.

Downtown Crossing Hotels: A rich city center

Sandwiched between Boston’s Financial District and the famous Faneuil Hall area, Downtown Crossing has much to offer in terms of location. Although there’s not as many hotels there as in some other neighborhoods, the ones that area are coveted by vacationers, business travelers and more for its prime locale. Indulge in a luxurious and comfortable room, then walk only a few steps out the door to enjoy Boston’s beat features. This neighborhood is always evolving, so new and exciting projects can often be seen taking place. Recently a massive food center sported in Downtown Crossing, now conveniently near the other fun bistros, bars, local fast food joints and coffee shops. Poke around in jewelry shops, shoe stores and fashion boutiques as well. Besides Faneuil Hall and the harbor front, Boston’s vibrant Theater District is next to some of the best stores, making for a perfect shopping, dinner and show date. All sort of people can be found in this part of the city, from traveling families and couples to business professionals and even the occasional local celebrity on a retail therapy trip.

Best Downtown Crossing Hotels

Some of the most aesthetically pleasing hotels and accommodations can be found within Boston’s Downtown Crossing neighborhood. These often embody the spirit of the city, preserving traditional architecture and design blending together with modern features. Hotels can range in size, but many offer the perfect amount of rooms to suit all types of travelers. Packages with these options can sometimes include memorable trips to the spas in Downtown Crossing or night include a live Broadway show as well. Choose from sprawling suites and luxe rooms or simply enjoy a clean and minimalist space to rest your head. Not only are the stores close by, the rooms are almost always within a couple minutes of the neighborhood’s top restaurants and bars for relaxing and unwinding.

Travelers will often feel like locals, as many of the accommodations are near residences and top Boston businesses. The area’s newest project is a massive glass high rise full of luxury apartments, which might present an even better view of a modern skyline.