Trendy Boston Hotels

At the top tier of style in accommodation, places to stay in Boston are constantly innovative. The city is one of the east coast’s best places for fashion, fun and food – so staying at a trendy hotel only adds to the experience. It’s easy to choose a spot either right downtown or in one of the up-and-coming surrounding neighborhoods to enjoy a beautiful property that delights. Things are always moving and shaking in Boston, and its boutiques are no exception. Feel on top of the trend while in this city by immersing in a modern and chic space to stay.

Funky Fresh at Trendy Boston Hotels

Want to know who the coolest artists, designers and even musicians are in Boston? Look no further than the designs and entertainment offered at the city’s hotels. The best accommodations love to feature local talent, whether it be by hanging beautiful works of art in the hallways, featuring super star chefs or even hosting some live tunes in their event spaces. The ever-changing rosters of great things to see and do keep these Boston hotels fresh and forward thinking. To entice the trend setting business traveler, hotels often have top-of-the-line technology enhancing their rooms, from iPads loaded with music to innovative virtual butler services. This often goes hand-in-hand with smooth and sensual furnishings that reflect a modern style through bright colors, unusual textures and chic lighting. These features can also be enjoyed by working thinking leisure travelers too, of course.

Larger chains are constantly upgrading their spaces to keep up with competition and offer their guests the trendiest options. Small boutiques also play the game by using their New England roots to revamp surroundings in original ways. Alongside furnishings and tech, staff are often well-versed in the industry’s newest innovations that they are happy to provide to travelers when they come and stay at trendy Boston hotels.

Trendy Boston Hotels: Past and Present

Boston is a city that is full of pride when it comes to historic significance. This is especially prevalent in its hotels, as the city boasts some of the oldest in the country. Oftentimes these classic hotels will integrate new features to keep up with the times while maintaining an air of tradition. See spaces that were once hospitals, theaters or prisons transformed through fresh textiles and furnishings into beautiful hotels. These properties also often boast onsite restaurants, lounges and even nightclubs that are some of the hottest places to hang in the city. When locals in the city appreciate spending time in hotels for their entertainment, cuisine and cocktails, you know those properties have taken grea care to stay on top of what’s new and hot in Boston.