Seaport District Hotels

Arguably, the Seaport is one of Boston’s most innovate and exciting neighborhoods. What was once used primarily for commercial pursuits only a few decades ago is now a top spot for premiere nightlife, award-winning seafood and some of the city’s most iconic hotels. Many stylish and forward-thinking travelers will flock to this district to be in the center of the action, whether they are looking to indulge in a leisurely vacation or plan to conduct business. Hotel guests can mingle with locals as well as cruise ship visitors when they stay in the Seaport. Not to mention, the views from many hotels are some if the prettiest around, overlooking the tranquil harbor front and gentle waters.

Seaport District Hotels with a view

Indulge in Boston’s best asset – rooms with sweeping water views. The city is in a unique position to present urban landscape alongside lovely harbors. There are a few hotels located right on the water’s edge, so guests can be close to nautical scenery. They often boast classic design that embrace Boston’s rich history along the water, especially when it comes to food and recreation in the marinas. In fact, a few of the city’s stellar seafood restaurants are located inside these hotels. Some guests will even have their boat docked close to the accommodations for an interesting way to vacation.

Besides the hotels locates right on the water, there are other options more inland that are just as modern and well located. Some travelers may prefer these types of accommodations, as the ones away from the water can be a little quieter. The rooms are not lacking in features, though, and still boast much of the convenience and style as their waterfront counterparts. They also are close to the area’s large conference centers and meeting spaces for business travelers on the go. These are surrounded by ample parking options, public transportation and plenty of walkable restaurants.

Surrounding Sights at Seaport District

Many travelers will choose to stay in the Seaport for its wide range of nearby offerings. The promenade along the Seaport is perfect for everyone, from sports fans who want to watch some of the local games on the big screens to elegant cocktail lounges boasting gorgeous rooftop decks. Farther down are more traditional and local bars that host live bands and rowdy nightlife lovers. On the other end is a popular music venue that features international super stars and acts in a relaxing outdoor setting. More restaurants and entertainment are popping up on the regular, and are sourcing their ingredients locally from great Boston businesses. Have a look at the contemporary art galleries, event spaces and occasional festival as well on your trip.