North End Hotels

Be transported to another time and place when you choose to stay in Boston’s North End neighborhood. This part of the city is known as Little Italy, chock full of beautiful restaurants, cobblestone streets and Italian bakeries to explore. Immigrants and descendant of Italy and other parts of Europe have flocked to this cozy community in Boston for centuries, creating a close-knit and welcoming spot for tourists to also relax and unwind. It’s created an environment unique to the city, with plenty of mystery and old tradition to be immersed in. In a perfect location near the marina and other downtown delights, staying in the North End can be the ideal way to experience Boston first hand.

North End Hotels: Step back through history

Besides the incredible Italian environment, the neighborhood is also a place where many historic events took place. The city has taken great pride in maintaining the monuments, buildings and religious places of worship, some which date back centuries. Travelers can stay in classic brick hotels, then step outside their doors to indulge in centrally located attractions. For instance, see Paul Revere’s Old home or poke around the beautiful Old North Church. Many famous figures are also buried in the peaceful cemeteries.

North End Hotels: Location and traditional style

Guests can choose to stay in more intimate inns and accommodation, or there are options to stay very close by along the harbor front that sits next to the North End as well. No matter where you choose, the level of hospitality and service found at these hotels are at a high caliber of satisfaction, just like other fantastic accommodations in the city. Many people love both the historic ambiance as well as the central location to all the best aspects of Boston.

Indulging in dining at North End Hotels

One of the main reasons travelers choose accommodation in and around the North End neighborhood is for the cuisine. Boston’s vibrant Little Italy is famous for its homemade pastas, brick oven pizzas and incredible sweets. Along iconic pathways like Hanover Street is a plethora of bakeries, cafes and high-end restaurants that welcome guests to dine and relax. This walkable area is ideal for a romantic stroll to pick up a few cannoli or a nightcap at a coffee bar and cocktail lounge. Tucked between the good eats are many other options for fun, including a comedy club, pubs and public parks. Only a few minutes’ walk from some popular hotel, the attractions of the North End are part of what make downtown Boston so great.