Fenway/Kenmore Hotels

Sports fans look no further than Fenway when choosing a neighborhood to stay in Boston during your visit. The legacy of the Boston Red Sox is alive and well there, which has been an iconic landmark in the city for more than a decade. Those who love sports and traditions flock to the Fenway/Kenmore area, as there are plenty of amazing places to stay. Although all of these accommodations have many of the latest modern features, most also hold onto the rich sports and leisure history that Boston takes such pride in. Grab a hot dog, a baseball hat and hit the town when staying in this fun and laid-back part of Boston.

Fenway/Kenmore Hotels: In the heart of the action

Some die-hard Sox fanatics would argue that downtown Boston is not where the true spirit of this city lies. In fact, many claim the Fenway/Kenmore area is just as exciting and innovative as any other part of Boston. Although it’s a little farther out on the subway, travelers who are visiting will not have to even leave Fenway to see some wonderful attractions and sporting events. When it comes to accommodations, there’s elegant hotels only steps from the ballpark, as well as smaller boutiques, bed and breakfasts and even charming chains. These can be found at Fenway, or tucked in along the rows of beautiful brownstones. The hotels are managed by die-hard locals who are happy to point you in the right direction around Fenway and back towards Boston’s downtown area, only a few minutes away. Many of Boston’s galas, charity events and trendy nightlife-seekers spend time at the swanky hotel bars and lounges. Those traveling on a budget can consider some of the hostels and wallet-friendly options that are geared toward the large student population.

Fenway/Kenmore Hotels: Other perks!

Sporting events is not the only thing this part of Boston is known for. From artistic endeavors to concerts and nightlife, there’s plenty else to indulge when staying at one of the premiere hotels in and around Fenway. Along the ballpark is a strip of lively sports bars that are open year-round. Some night clubs host giant super star bands and live music as well. During the summer, this is one of the busiest parts of city, due to the influx of baseball games, outdoor concerts and more. Other seasons welcome students and those who enjoy support budding artists, photographers and even performers and some of the university galleries and venues. Food is also a big part of what makes Fenway and Kenmore famous. Of course travelers can try the cart classics on the street, but perfectly prepared seafood, Tex-mex, Italian and even Japanese can be found there.