Cambridge Hotels

Boston’s charming and academic neighboring city of Cambridge is worth a trip in itself to explore. For centuries this area has hosted innovative progress through active intellectual pursuits that inspire growth and change. Nowadays, the traditions of school, leadership and creativity are still highly valued and reflected through the city’s cultural and entertainment offerings. It’s a wonderful option to choose a hotel in Cambridge for your trip to Boston and beyond as well, for its central location and unique history. This neighboring city has almost just as many options for accommodation, with many being more wallet-friendly than their pricier Boston counterparts.

Stay near the fun with Cambridge Hotels

Many travelers think some top attractions in Boston, like Harvard University, are in the city. However, Cambridge is actually home to this iconic campus, as well as several other well-known points of interest. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) also calls Cambridge home, as well as countless theaters, art galleries, restaurants and public parks. Guests are welcome to see the museums, art installations and more on the university campuses as well by poking around public spaces or taking a student-led tour. While of course Boston had its highlights, Cambridge has many perks of its own. Have a stroll through Harvard Square to check out its academic bookstores and trendy cafes, or see the beautiful views along the Charles River and have a Kayak tour of the area. There’s several fun annual events here too, from massive parades and street food festivals and concerts and craft shows. These spots and more and easily accessible by most of the hotels in Cambridge as well for easy sightseeing and wandering. It’s simple to pick a perfect room then hit the road for enjoying all Cambridge and Boston has to offer.

Picking perfect accommodations in Cambridge

As Cambridge is large in size, it can provide travelers a wide range of accommodation options. More than a dozen well-known brands populate Cambridge’s hotel scene, offering a great place to set up a base for checking out the city’s attractions and next door Boston. Not to mention, some of the high-rise hotels have incredible views of the Boston skyline that can be enjoyed from your cozy room or with a cocktail at the lounge. The great variety of large hotels is partly due to travelers coming to visit but also for parents and students to use at nearby universities. Besides the well-known possibilities, there’s also lots of other choices that can be smaller or quainter if you are looking for an authentic New England experience. People will open their 17th century homes up to the public, complete with period furniture and traditional breakfasts. Enjoy the attached gardens and easy access to public transport when resting your head at one of the boutique options in town.