Beacon Hill Hotels

Want to feel like a local when choosing a hotel in Boston? Consider a swanky and stylish stay in the Beacon Hill neighborhood. This is one of the city’s most popular and prestigious places to live, as many residents find historical homes and beautiful brick row houses to suit their classic tastes. Accommodations for guests often mimic these features, making for a truly authentic Bostonian atmosphere to indulge during your travels. Not to mention, although the neighborhood is mostly residential, there’s still tons of hidden gems to explore, including everything from gourmet pizza shops to sparkling fashion stores. It takes only a matter of minutes from the front door of any Beacon Hill hotel to discover wonderful attractions, cuisine and entertainment Boston has to offer. Rub shoulders with many notable political figures, socialites and even local celebrities in this part of town. This makes it ideal for both business and leisure travelers who value high quality service, excellent location and impeccable taste in décor.

Beacon Hill Hotels: Charm and grace

Most people will go to Beacon Hill for luxury. The sophisticated offering of accommodations in this part of Boston are some of the best around. This does not mean they will break the bank, though – Boston’s prices are often wallet-friendly in comparison to other major metropolises. Pick from large properties that cater to trendy crowds who enjoy seeing and being seen. These hotels often boast cocktail lounges and restaurants where you can find forward-thinking locals and guests mingling together. Or, choose something more tranquil at one of the boutique hotels, which have indulgent room service and plush décor to soothe any travel stresses. Many properties love to protect and maintain the traditions of New England style and architecture, which gives guests an immersive experience and allows them to appreciate the wonderful unique environment of such a historic city.

Always active at Beacon Hill Hotels

When travelers stay at Beacon Hill hotels, they can either enjoy strolling around this green area of Boston or venture into the nearby neighborhoods for more sightseeing. There’s always something to explore, night or day, throughout this part of Boston. Plenty of high-end bistros, restaurants and bakeries line the streets of Beacon Hill and beyond, giving travelers many choices when it comes to dining. After a hearty meal, active guests can choose a brisk run in Beacon Hill and join many of the fitness enthusiasts who choose this scenic route for their workout. The hotels in this neighborhood also often boast their own fitness centers if the weather is unfavorable. Later into the day, check out some of the historic monuments around your accommodations, where famous battles and revolutionary events took place.