Boston Waterfront Hotels

Boston is one of those very lucky cities to boast a coastline. Sitting right on a bustling harbor, this city offers beautiful ocean views and plenty of fun nautical activities to enjoy year-round. Due to this premiere feature, many properties have snagged spots along both the old harbor front and new seaport, offers guests the chance to be surrounded by beauty while still enjoying the perks of a thriving downtown. You could walk along the entire water’s edge for hours and still not see all of what Great Boston has to offer.

Waterfront Hotels at The Old Harbor

When people think of the city they often envision its rich history. This is prevalent along the Freedom Trail, at Quincy Market and in the North End neighborhood. However, plenty of amazing landmarks are found along the old harbor front as well, including several classic hotels. Book a room in this area and be within minutes to some of Boston’s best water-themed attractions, such as the New England Aquarium and Duck Tours. Not only are these great properties close to the action, they often honor the sea with their designs and furnishings onsite as well. Feel a connection with the New England spirit by staying near the water, seeing all types of boats float by the harbor. It was once a shipping and fishing mecca but now welcomes every vessel, from luxury yachts to kayakers.

Waterfront Hotels at The New Seaport

In the last decade, Boston’s Seaport has been completely transformed. What was once a place simply for commercial and cruise ship use is new full of luxury condos, conference venues and trendy restaurants. Alongside these fresh features are some of the city’s best hotels. Being only minutes away from downtown. Travelers can enjoy a beautiful water view in a high-end hotel that’s centrally located. Most in this neighborhood are larger than average and can cater to big events at nearby halls and even museums. Both business travelers and those visiting Boston of fun love staying close to the waterfront there to sample seafood, attend concerts and simply stroll along the promenade. This part of Boston will only get bigger and better over time, and has now become one of the premiere places to stay while in town.

Eclectic Picks with Waterfront Hotels

While these two areas of the city are most popular, there are other “waterfront” spots to consider as well. Many consider the Charles River to also be on the water, and several hotels offer wonderful views of this waterway cutting through the urban landscape. South Boston has the longest coastline of all, although much is enclosed as a harbor. But travelers can stay a little farther outside the city and enjoy these city beaches, Castle Island walking trails and pretty views too.