Boutique Boston Hotels

From the lavish to the minimalist, hotels in Boston that are small and stylish are all the rage. These accommodations are often independently owned and have a distinct personality – one that transcends the spirit of an intimate and cosmopolitan city. These types of properties will cater to your every whim in terms of style, features, services and more that can only be found in Boston. Enjoy the warm hospitality of the city and make your accommodations a highlight of your trip. There is a reason that boutique hotels in Boston are among some of the most well-known and popular, as the décor and attention to every detail is one-of-a-kind.

Well Connected Boutique Boston Hotels

Most of the city’s best boutique hotels are located in the heart of downtown. Steps from the theatre district or in the middle of the financial district action are wonderful properties to book for easy access to all the area’s perfect attractions. Some of the larger boutiques will also partner with art galleries, shows, restaurants and more so you might not have to leave your city block to have a wonderful evening out. For trips a little more slower paces, other areas like Cambridge and Fenway also have their fair share of boutiques, closer to academic history and sports venues for different experiences.

Special Features of Boston Boutique Hotels

Anyone can stay at a large chain hotel or well-known accommodations. But to make a trip extra unique, it can be a blast to immerse in Boston’s culture with an experience at one of its boutique hotels. For instance, if you like to indulge in spa treatments while traveling, why not book a pampering session right in the room? Small boutique hotels can welcome special requests and give personalized selections over larger saunas and spas. Although many rooms follow a certain flow in style, guests might also find an eclectic mix of furnishings that can surprise and delight. One of Boston’s favorite themes found in boutique hotels in the tribute to local artists. You can skip the lines in museums and simply peruse the lobby, hallways and event spaces for fantastic rotating displays of artwork.